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Week of November 4, 2002 Edition


At the Crossroad
By Audrina Jones Bunton

It is a beautiful sunny spring day, the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and you find yourself on a road with a beautiful scenic route. All of a sudden, you hit the brakes and realize that you have come to a crossroad. Wait a minute you say, this crossroad is not supposed to be here. This was supposed to be a straight and easy path. What happened, and where did it come from?

This crossroad is much like life. In our lives, there comes a time when we find ourselves at a crossroad -- at the crossroad of decision. We find ourselves at a place where we are on the road of no return, and do not know which way to go. Wishing that we can turn back to re-do various things that we cannot change, or wishing that we can just simply do various things completely different. The road of no-return exists in all of our lives, but it is not the road of no-return that should concern us at this present crossroad -- it is the road of the future.

Which road to take, or not to take is vital, and because the road of no return is what brought you here, it is also the road of no return that will allow you to decide on which road to take for the future.

This road may mean a new relationship, or making changes in your existing relationship. This road may mean a new job. This road may mean self-enlightenment or spiritual renewal. This road may mean making a big move in various areas of your life. Whatever your crossroad may be -- you must choose it wisely and carefully. And remember, the road you take today will determine where you will find yourself tomorrow.

Make the decision today to take the right road. Choose the road that will allow you to live purposefully -- because after all, this is your life.

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