Purposefully Living

Motivational Message

Issue 24
Week of March 31-April 4, 2003


Nothing Except
By Audrina Jones Bunton

The bible illustrates a story about a poor widow who went to the prophet Elisha to inform him that her God-fearing husband had died, and that his creditor was coming to take her two boys to be his slaves. Elisha asked the widow what he could do to help. He then asked, what she had in her house. She replied that she had "nothing...except a jar of oil." Elisha advised her to go from neighbor to neighbor, borrowing as many jars as possible, then to go inside her house, close the door behind her and her sons, and pour oil into all the jars. After each jar was filled, she was to put it to one side.

The widow did as Elisha instructed her to do and when all the jars were filled, she told her son to bring another one. "There is not a jar left," he replied. The oil stopped flowing, and the widow had enough money to pay off her debt and for her and her sons to live on what was left.

The widow had nothing, except a jar of oil in her house. But unbeknownst to her, this jar, this thing that she saw as nothing, was her means of increase. She had in her midst, everything that she needed to change her situation. She possessed, everything that she needed to live a rich and fulfilling life -- but just did not know it.

Just like the widow, most of us never realize that our increase, that true happiness is right within our reach. We often focus on what we DO NOT have, never realizing what we DO have. Instead of making the effort to use what we have, we seek other resources for enrichment, both internal and external. What is the "nothing...except" in your life? The thing that appears to be nothing to you, could be the very thing that can -- and will add increase to your life.

Today, take a moment to ask yourself the question, "What do I have? What is the thing that I possess that will provide me with inner and external riches?" Seriously, think about it. Then take about 10, 15, 20 minutes to figure out what you will do with what you have, to create a fulfilling life. For some, it may take minutes, for others it may take weeks or months to find that valued possession. But don't stop until you find it -- and don't stop until you use it to acquire and maximize your increase. Value what you possess -- because it could be the very thing that leads you to increase in your in life.

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Think About It!!
"God's will for us is not hidden like a buried treasure. We do not have to control or force it. We do not have to walk on eggshells in order to have it happen. It is right there inside and around us. It is happening, right now." -- Melody Beattie, The Language of Letting Go

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