Purposefully Living

Motivational Message

Vol 2. No. 1
January 2, 2003


Take a Moment
By Audrina Jones Bunton

I was leaving my niece's house after hosting a baby shower a few Saturdays ago when I realized that my time had escaped me. I was to meet my husband and son at my house in least then 30 minutes, with 25 minutes, exactly to reach my destinations – to the house and then to see a movie that I was greatly anticipating. One of my pet peeves is to miss the very beginning of a movie, so getting on the other side of town would mean not stopping anywhere for anyone or anything. While rushing to my car, my eyes shifted up and down from my watch to my car.

I got in the car and the rush was on. Somehow, my attraction to red that day was at an all time high, because every traffic light that I approached turned red seconds before I reached it. Light after light, frustration and annoyance set in, and I could feel the fire coming out of my nose, and stem out of my ears as I raced against time, pressing to reach my destiny. By the time I got to the seventh light, I was losing every bit of cool that I had mustered up over the years. And then at the eighth light…it happened. I mentally and emotionally stepped out of the future and caught myself in the moment. In the moment -- not rushing from the past or rushing to the future. In that moment, I realized that I was racing against something that I had no control over (time), and facing obstacles that I had to face (the lights).

All of a sudden, from nowhere, a great churning started mounting on the inside of me, and like a volcano, I erupted into laughter. Like a volcano, my superheated emotions flashed to steam; the magnetic eruption rose from the bottom of my belly – and I broke into laughter. It mattered not what fellow motorists and onlookers thought. My frustrations instantly turned into laughter seconds after I step out of my emotional roll-a-coaster and into the moment. I needed that natural medicine to calm my nerves. I needed to explode with laughter.

Take out the time to step into your moment – because you never know what positive and overwhelming emotions are waiting to explode. Take a moment -- and positive results will overtake you.

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Think About It!
"Think you're escaping and run into yourself. Longest way round is the shortest way home." James Joyce


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