Purposefully Living

Motivational Message

Issue 20
Week of February 24-28, 2003


The Missing Piece
By Audrina Jones Bunton

Have you ever tried putting a puzzle together, only to get to the end and discover that a piece is missing?  You anxiously put the puzzle together, constantly examining the picture of your anticipated outcome, and a piece is missing.  Piece by piece you work, only to realize that something is missing -- and only one piece.  One piece of the puzzle is missing, and that one piece makes a huge difference because the puzzle is incomplete.  That missing piece changes not only the picture, but also the anticipated outcome.  You search and search for that missing piece out of frustration because of your desire to complete the puzzle in its entirety.

If you find the piece -- joy and a sense of accomplishment are felt.  And if you do not find the missing piece  -- frustration and a sense of disappointment set in.

Much like a puzzle, we spend a great portion of our lives searching for that missing piece.  Because of our desire to be whole and complete, we search for a missing piece of our lives, sometimes looking in the wrong place.  We think that finding a mate and falling in love will make us complete.  We think that finding that job with the eloquent sounding title will make us complete.  We think that wealth alone will make us complete.  But in the end, what we find is that nothing outside of us will make us complete.  Wholeness comes only by finding the right piece to fill that void within.

The extraordinary thing about a puzzle is that nothing can fill that void except the piece that is made to go there.  No matter how much you try to force another piece into that void, if it was not made to fit, it will not fit.  So, the puzzle either remains incomplete, or you search until you find the missing piece.

Search until you find the missing piece.  Is there a missing piece in your life that will make the authentic you come together?  You have the choice to either search within to find the missing piece, or continue to live with a void.  No person or thing can fill that void unless it is meant to be -- and when it fits -- you will know.

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"We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope." Martin Luther King, Jr.


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