Purposefully Living

Motivational Message

Vol 1., No. 9
December 11, 2002 Edition


How Quickly Do We Forget
By Audrina Jones Bunton

My family and I entered our cozy beds Wednesday night, December 4, 2002, only to awake to a morning shivering from the freezing temperatures that invaded our home caused by the storm's power outage. Like us, countless of individuals and families experienced perhaps the worst ice storm in the history of the Triangle area of North Carolina. Bright and warm one moment – dark and cold the next.

My husband and I awoke to the relentless sound of falling trees and limbs that surround our home. The constant sounds forced us to restlessly dash back and forth from our bed to the window, hoping that the human-like trees would spare us the grief and not touch our already chilled home.

Moments later, helplessly, we along with our children, prayed, first, for those less fortunate, yet giving thanks for the gift of life in this turbulent time.

This dark moment birthed bright miracles as we spent countless, quality moments together day after day. The lack of electricity fused the four of us together as we played games, talked, and spent intimate time around the fireplace. The countless hours spent in restaurant and store lines embarked conversations with strangers who otherwise would have gone unnoticed. A common topic was the fact that dark times like these remind us to remember even the most basic things we often take for granted.

Before the third chilled, dark night loomed over us, God placed an angel in our lives who provided us with a warm and comfortable place to stay for the duration of our chilling, dark experience. God bless you angel!

On the sixth day, as we rode home and upon entering my much appreciated warm home, I thought about how these days will eventually go into the forgotten memory banks of most, and prayed that God would allow me to remember. To remember the dark moments like these enlightens us to push through the dark ones that lay ahead.

Let's not forget – for in forgetting, we become weakened, and in remembering, we are strengthened.

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Think About It!!
"In the gospel of Matthew, two miraculous feedings took place among Jesus and his disciples. The miraculous feeding of five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish and the miraculous feeding of four thousand people with seven loads of bread and a few fish. These miracles should have sustained the faith of the disciples, but it did not. After these miracles took place, another moment of lack faced the disciples, and again doubt set in. Jesus questioned the faith of his disciples because of their continued doubt. Do you not remember, he asked, of the feeding of the five thousand and the four thousand? Do you not remember?


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