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Attention Speakers: Make $5500.00 or More Every Time You Speak.  The Wake 'em Up Video Professional Speaking System Can Make It Happen.  This one-of-a-kind speaking system will teach you exactly how to double, triple, or even quadruple your income from speaking . . . AND you can do it in record time!  Learn all the tips and tricks the high-income pros use to create and market fantastic presentations.

 The Speaker Shop  -- For the individual desiring to become a well-rounded speaker, this site contains: Audiotapes, Butt Camp Electronic Marketing Seminars, CDs, Consulting, Ebooks, Gift Certificates, Mentor Program, Printed Books, Telephone Seminars, and a Wake 'em Up Video Professional Speaking System

Need a speech, eulogy, toast, or a poem in a hurry? -- Great material for roasts, business speeches, Toastmasters, comics, and radio personalities.Also perfect for trainers, or anyone who wants to be funny.

 Bull City Toastmasters -- The BULL CITY TOASTMASTERS Club of Toastmasters International, is a wonderfully diverse group of women and men, who meet in Durham North Carolina to improve on communication and leadership skills.  Club meetings are also a great way to network.

 Toastmasters International – Toastmasters is a wonderful tool for improving your speaking and communication skills.  If you have a fear of public speaking or would like to become a better communicator, go to this site to find a club in your area.

 Allyn & Bacon Public Speaking Website -- This website contains five modules that you can use to learn about the process of public speaking and to help you prepare your speeches.  Many modules of this site contain links to other websites.

 Speak 4 Money – This site provides information on benefiting from paid presentations.  It includes free articles and speaker tools.

 National Speakers Association -- NSA provides information and training to enhance the skills value of its members and the speaking profession.

 SpeakingPlant.com – This site contains free informational articles for speakers, as well as submission option for a networking list.

 Burt Dubin Speaking Success System – This site contains a wealth of informational articles for speaker, as well as a free newsletter offer.

 Speech Links – This site contains a very comprehensive list of speech links.

 Persuasive Speeches – This site consists of an array of inks used to help initiate research for persuasive speeches.

 Speech Topics on Public Policy Issues – This site contains links and other resources relating to public policy issues.

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